S.V.P. Artistic Jello - It Really Is All Made Out Of Jello

Flavors and Color
We create custom colors for your theme 
and the below flavors may be added:

*Anis *Cherry *Coconut
 *Eggnog *Grape *Grosella
* Kiwi *Lime *Mandarin
*Mango *Nut *Orange 
*Peach *Pineapple *Raspberry
*Strawberry *Vanilla


Infused Flower Infused FlowerInfused FlowerInfused Flower
Zinnia JelloEdible ZinniaZinnia Jello Zinnia Flower
Carnation JelloCarnation FlowerCarnation Carnation
Purple Rose Red RoseWhite RoseBlue Rose
Rose with in a Rose Rose with in a RoseEdible Rose Jello Rose
Christmas in Jello FunBlue love Rose Sun FlowerHappy Anniversary
Hello Kitty Cake Hello Kitty Cake Hello Kitty Cake TwinsReligious   Event
Lady Of Guadalupe Bridal Shower Little Mermaid Under the Sea
My Hart is One Blue flowerBlue Flower My Hart is One
Gelatin Cake Orange Rose Gelatin Party Favors Gelatin Shots Gelatin Cake White Rose
Kiwi OctagonFruit Hart Grape in champagne flutes Fruit gelatin 1/2 sheet cake
Sunflower Carnation Mixed Flowers Personalized Party Favors
 Please call us approximately 3-5 days prior to your occasion if you have special orders.
All others, orders maybe within 24-72 hours depending on size and quantity.
All orders must have a 30% down-payment that is non refundable if order is canceled. 
 Call us at:
(657) 215 - 0403 
to speak to a specialist or email any suggestions or orders to: