S.V.P. Artistic Jello - It Really Is All Made Out Of Jello
About Us:
Southern California's 
S.V.P. Artistic Jello
   We are located in Orange County and cater to surrounding counties including:
Santa Barbara, Riverside,
San Bernardino, San Diego and
Los Angeles County.    
Our Jello sculptures and artistic jello creations are a piece of appreciation . Not only very nutritious and an exquisite dessert made without preservatives but high quality and approved from the food industries.  All artistic jello creations are made with exclusive high quality ingredients.
           Our company mission statement is:
We guarantee our customers will receive quality.  Furthermore, you will encounter a amazing one of a kind, unique moment  that you have been waiting for with an
artistic jello creation.
Our entire team is committed and dedicated to meeting your every needs. We may be contact to discuss any designs and / or creations to meet your special occasion requests.

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........Artistic Jello Creations.
jello - noche buena
Phone Orders/Questions to:
(657) 215-0403
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We "Bring Magic" ......to any occasion.